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Modular Library Furniture

If you're dealing with limited budgets, changing conditions or unusual spaces, modular library furniture through the Ross McDonald Company may be your best solution. "Modular" library furniture is specially designed to be reconfigured, rearranged or reassembled into different configurations to meet different needs.

Many of the library furniture systems offered by the Ross McDonald Company are modular in nature. This enables items such as study carrels and circulation desks to be taken apart and reconfigured to suit the current requirements and state of the library.

Most of the time, these modular library furniture adjustments can be done without any additional components. In the event additional modular library furniture parts or pieces are required, we can usually provide ones to match those originally furnished.

Modular library furniture is a terrific way to bring additional functionality to your library layout and add the flexibility needed to accommodate changing circumstances. And the ability to repurpose your modular library furniture to address current needs can drastically reduce the costs associated with the sale, building and installation of new library furniture.

We would be happy to bring our experience into your library environment assisting in space planning, budget planning or advice on challenging conditions. Please contact our experienced team toll-free at (800) 455-1635 or request more information about modular library furniture online. We'll help you determine if modular library furniture is the best solution for your environment and needs.