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Library Shelving Systems

Since 1969, the Ross McDonald Company has been your California source for library shelving solutions. You will find an extensive and comprehensive library shelving product line that meets the needs and standards of any northern California private, public, academic or school library. You will receive assistance with budget planning and space planning (in conjunction with librarians and architects) along with expert in-house library shelving installation that meets all California Seismic Standards. If you need it, we can provide seismic upgrades of existing library shelving in California with almost everything being left in place. Our library shelving bids are fair and competitive, and your options (both in terms of budgets and products) are exceptionally extensive.

Library Shelving Options for Every Environment

Ross McDonald understands that libraries of different sizes, layouts and audiences require different library shelving solutions. Our library shelving choices speak to needs that range from environmental to aesthetic, from spatial limitations to material specifications.

Ross McDonald is an authorized supplier of the following library shelving products, serving northern California:

Aurora Mobile - When your library shelving setting requires high-density storage, Aurora Mobile by Richards-Wilcox is an inspired solution. Aurora Mobile helps you utilize limited space to the fullest without compromising rapid access or durability.

Estey Cantilever Library Shelving - Etsey is the industry standard for cantilever-style library book stacks. They allow for a wide range of accessories and are found in some of the country's largest public, government and university libraries.

MJ Industries Steel Library ShelvingMJ Industries is one of the finest and most experienced manufacturers of steel library shelving serving California (and far beyond). Their wide variety of shelving styles gives you layout and design flexibility, and their team of library equipment specialists and consultants can support you in all phases of library planning.

TMC FurnitureTMC Furniture, Inc., has been offering streamlined and sophisticated library shelving design options for more than a decade. They offer a wide range of wood finish options and design styles, along with seating, panels, table and case goods to ensure that your library's look is consistent and attractive.

The Worden Company - If you'd like to take an environmentally friendly approach to library shelving and furnishings, The Worden Company will help you "design green" through their pursuit of using recycled particleboard, recycled fabrics, renewable Lyptus hardwoods and Marmoleum, along with lumber that meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standards. The Worden Company also offers both standard and custom library shelving solutions.

For a more detailed look at all these library shelving options, please visit our products page. We also offer library shelving seismic upgrades.